Q. I want to buy gifts for several friends at the same time. How should I do this?

A. To get one voucher for each friend, you should make one single transaction for each friend. This way, you’ll receive the electronic gift vouchers  in separate emails. These vouchers may be in turn emailed or given to your friends to redeem.

Q. What if I want to buy lots of gifts with one PayPal transaction?

A. If you buy all your gifts in one transaction, you must redeem them all at one time. This works best,  if you plan to  redeem all the gifts together and later distribute the gifts to friends by hand.

Q. I want to give a membership with ART JAM ® PASSes now, but my friend won’t use it right away. When does it expire?

A. Each gift voucher has a validity period specified in the description. in the case of a membership and ART JAM ® PASSes, the gift voucher will expire two (2) years from the purchase date regardless of when you redeem. All other vouchers expire in six (6) months from the purchase date. Due to the automation of the payment system, no changes to the expiry date will be granted.

Q. I did not receive the electronic gift voucher by email. Can I still redeem the gift?

A. Our email is automatically sent, but occasionally it ends up in your spam folder. Another possibility is your email address was mis-typed. To track your purchase, you will need your PayPal Transaction ID number on hand so we may find your Order. You should call us at 2541-8816, if this happens.

Q. Can I give it to someone else to use or exchange the gift voucher for another product?

A. Our electronic gift vouchers are fully transferable, so yes, you may give the voucher to a friend to use. The vouchers themselves are non refundable and not exchangeable. Only ART JAM ® session tickets may be downgraded without penalty or upgraded with a surcharge.

Q. I can’t see what I want in the gift shop. Can I create my own gift package for my friend? And will you deliver?

A. Yes it is possible to create a custom gift set and pay for it online. We can even deliver it by courier. You should contact our team at 2541-8816. We will calculate the price and quote for the delivery before we send you an invoice by PayPal. This process can take a few days to arrange, so rush orders are not recommended.



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