We are proud of ART JAM ® and its distinctive culture. We are devoted to clearing our minds of the frustrations of the day and engaging the creative side of our brain to heal itself. We love to motivate people into taking creative risks and reaping big rewards. We spend our work day dreaming up ways to make expression as more effortless than it was yesterday. There is a special formula to creating the original paintertainment experience and the ingredients are part sensual, part philosophical, part psychological, and the rest are just plain human nature.

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How Not To Turn into a Tech Zombie

Almost every day, while we commute or while we eat, many people fall face down into a smart phone, tablet or game device. They are slowly amassing their numbers. In no time, too much tech may turn us all into a new kind of zombie — unable to look at the world as it’s happening right in front of our eyes; unable to communicate except in emoticons and abbreviations.

Our ART JAM ® belief is that too much tech can be “cured” by creativity. As human beings, our brain’s capacity for “life” experience is HUGE. Our hunger for sensual sustenance can only be partly satisfied through technology. Even social media or Skype cannot give us our fondest memories. Those precious moments are always from real time spent with real friends and family in real places. Even downloading a sketching app on your tablet cannot fully replace the way paint feels on your fingers. We crave the real thing.

So how do we begin getting creative?

Creativity Starts with Your Nose

The most common reaction when people first walk into artjamming TM or artJAMaLAMa is : “Smells great in here. What is that?” Well, “that” is the smell of creativity. Years ago, we developed our own secret blend of essential oils to stimulate creativity. It’s one of the ways we help our customers turn on the right brain. Even creative people have trouble sometimes, so leading with the nose is a very effective way getting the ball rolling.

Music is the Rhythm of Life

Depending on the day of the week, the time of day, the crowd we’re playing to, we play is carefully selected music to empathize and to hypnotize. Our music library is massive and we keep buying new music to add to our collection regularly — it’s one of our obsessions. It’s important to use music as a vehicle to escape our logical mind and bridge into our creativity. It’s common for artjammers to ask about songs on our playlist. It’s an indication of not so much our musical taste, but the sensitivity that comes from the immersive experience of ART JAM ®.

ART JAM ®-osophy

It’s not that we discourage conventional painting techniques and approaches, but in this modern world, the role of painting has changed from that of cave men who used pictograms instead of words, and from Leonardo’s day when paintings aspired to be cameras. ART JAM ® is about seeking a modern meaning and reason for people to keep painting. Art therapy is a very modern branch of psychology that uses art to represent indescribable feelings and though we would never claim to be therapists, many customers have found they can quickly cure their own headaches, banish work stress, build confidence and increase productivity.

We are proud that our ART JAM ®-osophy has thrown opened the doors for tens of thousands of people with limited or no exposure to creativity. We consistently get BIG and SURPRISING outcomes for our customers. What makes us special, is how we can deliver great results is very little time. We’ve also seen some struggle and challenge when too much thinking can clog creativity, lead to frustration or dissatisfaction.

We look for opportunities to explore the vastness of people’s imaginations. Creativity is pure, instinctual and is built into every living person, just like character and personality. The most charming people just believe in themselves. The best paintings do exactly the same thing. ART JAM ® creator Betty Cheung talks about the best outcome of ART JAM ® is when a customer has a conversation between the logical and emotional halves of their brain. Customers have described the feeling of this moment to be cathartic, euphoric, empowering, calming, rejuvenating, balancing and even indescribable.

The Cure is Creativity

When customers recount how they can stop a migraine or change their mood in 30 minutes of intensive ART JAM ®, something inside clicks about how a mental and emotional workout is the answer. What do we accomplished for the health of our brain with periodic creativity sessions? We believe its a great device for coping with the demands of our busy lives. If you can take a holiday to decompress, then ART JAM ®. The goal is to tick all those positive feelings and achieve that special high which comes for accessing our entire brain.

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Feel the flow.

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