For more than 16 years ART JAM ® has developed stand out creative experiences for companies ranging from team building to VIP events and product launches to family fun days. Our mission is to deliver intensive, tailor-made painting experiences that are inspirational, entertaining and unforgettable.

Event display

Special event composite painting display for post ART JAM ® celebration dinner. This one was nearly 8m wide X 3m high.

Get your message across

Corporate ART JAM ® is a specifically tailored, positive, productive and creative experience that naturally encourages participants to be invested in the artjamming TM process and the artwork created. Creativity and visual expression are powerful conduits for awakening personalities, conversation and meaningful interaction. We’ll help you create that memorable and distinctive corporate event.

How Corporate ART JAM ® works for your company

  • Celebrations, social and seasonal parties
  • Whole day training conferences, team building and “workouts”
  • Staff reward and recreation clubs
  • Client and VIP entertainment
  • Marketing and PR events
  • Branded and customized souvenirs, settings, materials and more

Features of artjamming TM  in Sheung Wan:

  • Suitable for large groups or multiple activities. Suitable for up to 30 individual painters or team building for group of 40.
  • Off-site ART JAM® available
  • Large, premium quality canvasses, and high-quality tote and duffel bags
  • Feature paint buffet wall with high-grade acrylic paint on tap
  • Popular choice for overseas companies, management level teams, premium brands

Features of artJAMaLAMa

I am Creativity Max Factor

All-day I am Creativity Max Factor Press Event

  • Open setting, 1300 sq.ft. suitable for up to 70 painters or multiple activities. e.g. Company A – Press event + stage presentation + ART JAM ® on company with branded materials and lipstick. Company B Catered buffet + ART JAM ® client appreciation event.
  • Smaller canvasses suited for smaller budgets — client or staff reward; staff team building (limited activities); family fun day.
  • Customization options available upon request
  • Popular for general team building and training, marketing events for clients, family fun days, charity fundraisers.


Reasons for ART JAM ® Voyage

Hugo Just Different at Fringe Club

Hugo Just Different at Fringe Club for 800 artjammers

  • Companies opt for off-site ART JAM ® when a change of scenery is a priority. We have catered for multi-session events over multiple days for 100+ people painting at the same time.
  • Large venues such as hotels, country clubs, restaurants and even your company’s large conference rooms are among the more popular locations.
  • Both artjamming TM and artJAMaLAMa versions of ART JAM ® available
  • Extreme customization to suit your company’s special requirements. e.g. Company A – custom T-shirt silk-screening and ART JAM ® Christmas party for senior executives and families. Company B – All-day family fun day for 200+ painters.

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