For more than 20 years ART JAM ® has developed stand out creative experiences for companies ranging from team building to VIP events and product launches to family fun days. Our mission is to deliver intensive, tailor-made painting experiences that are inspirational, entertaining and unforgettable.

UBS Display
Composite painting display for your special corporate dinner or event. This one is nearly 8m wide X 3m high.

Get your message across

Corporate ART JAM ® is a specifically tailored, positive, productive and creative experience that naturally encourages participants to be invested in the artjamming TM process and the artwork created. Creativity and visual expression are powerful conduits for awakening personalities, conversation and meaningful interaction. We’ll help you create that memorable and distinctive corporate event.

How Corporate ART JAM ® works for your company

  • Celebrations, social and seasonal parties
  • Whole day training conferences, team building and “workouts”
  • Staff reward and recreation clubs
  • Client and VIP entertainment
  • Marketing and PR events
  • Branded and customized souvenirs, settings, materials and more

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