Guest Blog : Party to remember on the Great Wall of ART JAM ®

by Guest Blogger Catherine Cole; photography by Michael Shoaf

Party to Remember : The family who ART JAM ®  together

Party to Remember : The family who ART JAM ® together

Celebrating the 50th birthday milestone

There are few things more important than celebrating the 50th birthday milestone of one of your best friends.  This is just one of those life milestones that needs to be marked – and needs to be marked in a spectacular way!

My challenge in months ago was to find a truly memorable way to celebrate. I’ve been in Hong Kong 10 years and the birthday girl has been here almost 20. We’ve done tram parties, junk trips, black-tie events, private kitchens, spa parties with the girls, but we were looking for something really memorable.

Party to Remember : A closer look

Party to Remember : A closer look

So what did we do? We went back to the folks at artjamming ™, the original creators of the concept of artjamming and did something new! We opted for the Great Wall of ART JAM ®, one of their newest party creations.  The Great Wall of ART JAM ® is when everyone paints on a huge 380 x150 cm canvas and makes a party out of it.  We took over the first floor, had catering brought in (from Habibi Cafe right down the street), brought our own champagne and set up. Betty penciled in our customized wording “No Stopping Now, Kersti 50 Years” across the canvas and everyone let loose.

30 plus guests came (some from as far as Dubai). That certainly contributed to the success. But it was also artjamming ™,  the staff, the venue and everything they stand for.  The vibe was upbeat and fun, there was lots of laughing, good music, paint everywhere and a beautiful work-in-progress. Everyone put their brushstrokes on the canvas.

Party to Remember : indulging in food, talk and creativity

Party to Remember : indulging in food, talk and creativity

We couldn’t imagine a more memorable night. It gave new meaning to the saying that life is a canvas meant for all your friends and family to paint on!

Heartfelt, funny, meaningful

At the end of the evening, we had this incredible huge painted canvas. If you stepped back, the painting was vibrant, colorful and full, but up close you could see all the little details added by people — heartfelt, funny and all meaningful. You could spend hours staring at the painting, finding the little nuances.

Party to Remember : The memento

Party to Remember : The memento. Kersti has the big painting and a smaller one for her HK office

The artjamming ™ staff then had a photo of the painting resized, printed on a smaller, but still impressive 120×50 cm canvas and touched up to still look and feel like a painting. We presented this to the birthday girl a few weeks later.

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