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We’ve been hard at work since 2000 to build ART JAM® as an original brand of social painting experience that is a highly positive and memorable affair. Whether you are spending your ART JAM® on your own or with a few friends or with your company, our popularity is thanks to the many testimonials kindly shared by our customers. Here are the ways artjammers rave about us on social media.

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Tripadvisor Praise is Growing

Travelers and locals are highly rating their ART JAM® experience on Tripadvisor. Recently several of our brand new customers have credited Tripadvisor for being the reason they decided to give ART JAM® a try. It’s full of personal highlights of their visit. These testimonials are reaching a huge audience.  Discover our “perfect” reviews on Tripadvisor

      Go in for fun (I did)... come out with a serious art addiction! The methods and tools provided can turn anyone into an artist. After spending almost 3 years with... read more

    thumb Peg M

      artjamming is an unique concept... you are given an easel, endless paint, endless brushes, music is turned on... and you just paint... whatever you want... however you want... i had... read more

    thumb anirbanb

      artjamming is an unique concept... you are given an easel, endless paint, endless brushes, music is turned on... and you just paint... whatever you want... however you want... i had... read more

    anirban b

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This is the first thing people see when Googling artjamming™. It is a popular search engine that happens to know a lot about us. So many high ratings and review over the years. So when you need to know more about us , don’t forget to Google “artjamming”.

    review rating 5  Celebrated our son's birthday and many different options available or canvas size or some bags if you prefer you art more portable! Betty led the group with a fantastic introduction, fantasic knowledge and we took our own cake and drinks/nibbles. No nonsense approach and child led art which suited us perfectly. Thanks Betty and her team 😊

    thumb Kimberleigh Cockayne

    review rating 5  A great experience & lots of fun, staff friendly, helpful and supportive - with great tips, expertise & advice. Let your imagination & flair guide you

    thumb Rebecca Bushell

    review rating 5  Quiet and relaxing to do your own creations there

    thumb Cecil Mak

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    review rating 5  Best artam experience ever!

    thumb Lai Ka Chun

    review rating 1  My 24-month old loves painting and I was hoping to expose her to her first art jamming session. Because, like most toddlers, she sometimes needs guidance on what to do with a paintbrush and a blank canvas, I asked over the phone if I could paint a couple of strokes to set her in the right direction. I was duly notified that I would be charged an additional fee if I even attempted to set the brush on the canvas. The staff then went on to inform me that at my daughter's age, all she would do is play with the paints anyway. Her tone insinuated ‘why bother bringing her?’. I’m shocked at how unfriendly the staff is and how commercialized the studio has become. I guess fame has really gotten to their heads. I’ll be bringing my business elsewhere, to a studio that welcomes my daughter and me without any judgement.

    thumb Mei Ying Leong

    review rating 5  Great experience doing art jamming here! Thank you 🙂

    thumb Rebecca Lam
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Since 2000, ART JAM ® has been the world's pioneer in paintertainment. For us painting is not solitary, we are experts at bringing creativity and expression out of people with little to not art-confidence. We promote the positive, balance and inspirational benefits of ART JAM ® for kids and adults. FEEL THE FLOW

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