Inside|Outside — ART JAM® Teams X The Organic Farm

We are pleased to introduce a  new ART JAM® Teams collaboration with The Organic Farm (1995) designed especially for companies looking for in-town full-day retreats at their working urban farm in Tokwawan, Kowloon. Recommended for groups of 20 to 60 people.

The Inside|Outside Full Day Adventure

Change your environment and encourage the vitally to “get your hands dirty”. Open the door to camaraderie, team work and self expression. Half of the day will expose your team to the down-to-earth experience of living and eating healthy and the impact of urban farming on our city and our lives. The second half of the day will zoom in on our expressive and emotional wellness through ART JAM®.

Features of Inside|Outside:

Part 1: Hands on Urban Farming

  • Presentation about Organic Production, Urban Farming & Health of City Dwellers.
  • Seminar and guidance by Pat Chu founder of The Organic Farm (since 1995), Simply Organic and Urban Edibles
  • ‘Grow Your Own’ after the guided tour of seasonal crops
    1. Introduction on
      • Organic Farming & Food
      • Food & Health
      • Urban farming for city dwellers
    2. Guided Tour – Roof Garden
    3. Hands-on ‘Grow 4 Our Own Diet’ (GOOD)
      • learn to grow a seasonal herb / green
  • Optional screening of TEDx talk (PChu – 2013 on Urban Gardening) / Short Documentary (partial screening)
  • Optional takeaway of seedlings and the start-up for an urban farm at your company or at the Urban Farming rooftop
  • Healthy organic lunch and refreshments package

Part 2: ART JAM® and Creativity Improve our Team Spirit and Emotional Wellness

  • Two ART JAM® formats available. Choose individual paintings (on artJAMaLAMa canvasses 45X45X1.5cm) OR collaborate team painting on Great Wall of ART JAM® (approx one 2mX1.5m canvas panels for 20pax)
  • Photo montage or photo record of the team painting included
  • Customized format and team themes developed to meet your company’s objectives
  • Team building faciliation by ART JAM® (since 2000) creator Betty Cheung

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Inside|Outside Pricing and more options

  • Full day activites cost starting at HK$1200/person (based on 60 pax) inclusive of  lunch and refreshments
  • Talk to us about how we plan something special to spark excitement in your team. The facilities include meeting capabilities to conduct your own talk or screen a presentation
  • Location: To Kwa Wan ; One-way or return coach services available
  • Availability : Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 6pm
  • During inclement weather, outside activities may be conducted inside.

Profile  : The Organic Farm (1995)

  • Founded by Pat Chu; urban farming expert
  • One of the earliest organic production cum education farms in HK.
  • Among the first Community Supported Agriculture delivering door-to-door under a Box Scheme to Local Subscribers since 1995 –weekly delivery of a standard amount of a variety of vegetables
  • Corporate events up to 20 per year are hosted by The Organic Farm
  • We have hosted ‘Farm to Table’ events

Profile  : artjamming™ / Meli-Melo Limited (2001)

  • Founded by ART JAM® creator Betty Cheung who is also an  architect, designer, author, painter
  • More than 15 years of team building facilitation experience
  • Hundreds companies (local and international) and tens of thousands of people have positively experienced ART JAM® with their company.
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