About artjamming

Since 2000, ART JAM ® has been the world's pioneer in paintertainment. For us painting is not solitary, we are experts at bringing creativity and expression out of people with little to not art-confidence. We promote the positive, balance and inspirational benefits of ART JAM ® for kids and adults. FEEL THE FLOW

artjamming™ is now moved to 101. 1/F, 1 Rumsey Street

artjamming 101 artjamming™ 搬家了!! artjamming™ 香港上環 林士街1號 廣發行大廈1樓101室 地圖: https://www.google.com.hk/maps/place/Kwong+Fat+Hong+Bldg,+1+Rumsey+St/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x3404007cf91223b7:0x6eef91d448b9fefe?sa=X&ei=4ekAVZakEMa7mAWdp4KAAw&ved=0CF0Q8gEwCg 我們位於上環地鐵站E2出口對面. 附近有電車站及多個過海巴士站. 乘私家車, 的士或旅遊巴士可在永樂街及林士街交界或新紀元廣場停車處落車. 附近停車場有中遠大廈(新紀元廣場), 永安中心及林士街多層停車場.