Loving Vincent: Inspired by Van Gogh

ENCORE Event ART JAM® for two: HK$480

loving-vincent movie poster

loving-vincent movie poster

When: Sunday 19 November 2017;  3:30pm to 6pm

Where : artjamming™, 4D Yally Industrial Building, 6 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang

What do you get

  • ART JAM® for two persons for 2 hours on two 45X45X1.5cm artJAMaLAMa Basic canvas (regular HK$500) Also includes

    • An inspirational workshop on transforming your favourite subject (portrait or scene) with the magic of van Gogh’s charm and style.

    • Complimentary soft drink and water

    • Souvenir gift from Sundream Motion Pictures “Loving Vincent” movie poster and postcard set

    • Be automatically entered into our Painted Animation competition

      • artjamming™ will photo capture your painting in progress and create an animation of your painting’s evolution. The animation will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook

      • Competition for most liked animation on artjamming™ social media by Sunday, 26 November 2017 wins

      • One winner will be awarded a deluxe prize of

        • ART JAM® for six on 6 artjamming™ Mini canvasses for up to 4 hours

        • Includes $400 of mixed media of your choice

        • Includes ready-to-hang wiring service

        • Prize value HK$4000

Loving Vincent postcard set

Loving Vincent postcard set

Terms & Conditions

  • Participants must call 2541-8816 to reserve your Loving Vincent ART JAM®
  • Gifts limited to first 40 participants
  • By participating in this event, you permit artjamming™ and Sundream Motion Pictures to use images of you or your painting for marketing purposes
  • Competition voting on artjamming™ Instagram and Facebook will begin on Monday, 20 November 2017 and close on Saturday, 25 November 2017 at 11:59pm.
  • The winning animation must have the highest combined number of likes on the combined artjamming™ Instagram and Facebook social media platforms.
  • Winner will be announced no later than Monday, 27 November 2017. Decision of artjamming™ management is final.
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artjamming™ 4D concept studio is opening in Wong Chuk Hang


Unveiling artjamming™ 4D

The last day of business for artjamming™ at Sheung Wan will be the 15th of June 2017.

We are pleased to announce our soft opening of our new studio in hip and happening Wong Chuk Hang on 20 June 2017. We will be officially open for business on Wednesday 21 June 2017.  Our new address is :

4D Yally Industrial Building
6 Heung Yip Road
Wong Chuk Hang
MTR Exit A2

All other information remains unchanged.

We also cordially invite you to our sneak preview of Tuesday 20 June 2017. RSVP a must. Please SMS or Whatsapp 9254-9453

artjamming 4D Sneak Preview

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No such thing as being a Left Brained or Right Brained Person


Darlene Lee
Green Zebras (detail)
Mixed media on canvas

Have you often thought that artjamming ™ is for right-brained people but you’re too much of an analytical type for that sort of thing? It turns out there’s no such thing as being left or right brained. A 2013 study of 1000 people by Dr. Jeff Anderson, Director of the fMRI Neurosurgical Mapping Service at the University of Utah, found that people use their entire brain equally.

“It is not the case that the left hemisphere is associated with logic or reasoning more than the right,” Anderson told LiveScience. “Also, creativity is no more processed in the right hemisphere than the left.” Dr. Anderson also observed that it’s the connectivity between brain regions which enables humans to be both analytical and creative.

That means that while the lateralization of certain functions, like speech emanating from the left side of the brain for most right-handed people, boasts clear documentation; the idea that you might be too left-brained for ART JAM ® is not supported by science.


Darlene Lee
Mixed media on linen

So, if you’ve always thought that being a “left-brained” person meant you can’t be creative and that ART JAM ® is not for you – think again! In fact, if you spend your entire day trying to think logically like many of us who work in Hong Kong, artjamming ™ might be just the thing to give your brain a bit of balance. And who doesn’t need more balance in our hectic lives?

As my BFF Benjamin says “Having a ready made channel to express yourself in ways that may not be appropriate at work is a wonderful chance to let off steam and just have fun.”

Isn’t it time to give your brain some exercise? And try a different kind of workout — artjamming ™ to free your mind.

Read more about Brain Spa


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5 Ways to Turn Your ART JAM ® into a Spa for Your Brain

FlickingIt’s true… painting is relaxing and calming for most people. Over the years, ART JAM ® has helped people discover powerful cerebral responses which made them feel great. Something we believe, is just like a spa experience for our brain. The best part is the accelerated transformation is triggered. Here are the basics:

Don’t Have a Plan

Actually it’s fine to have a plan in mind or an image to inspire you too. The important thing is to allow yourself to be flexible, to change your mind on a whim. It’s our sense of whimsy and adventure that breaks down our negative thinking and helps us takes risks. You don’t even have to be out-of-control and wild. Simply think of it as you would a stroll in the park — no pressure, no agenda.

Listen to the Music

Use music as a guide and paint how you feel. When we use an image for inspiration, our logical mind recognizes its components and tries to categorize and compartmentalize every aspect. For people already stressed or anxious, this can lead to even more frustration. Using our ears to drive a painting is an effective way to switch off our logic and engage our other senses in to the act of painting.

Trust Your Eyes

Our unforgiving and demanding brain has the power to deceive our eyes and make us question every stroke we make. There is a powerful exercise that I developed to overcome the problem of the brain hi-jacking your painting. In dancing, it’s important to keep your feet moving. So we apply this idea to our eyes when painting. If we focus on one spot on the painting for short spurts of time and then move on to another part, we effectively shut down our analytical cognitive processes. Clients using this approach notice a difference in their creative confidence in as little as 10 minutes.

Use Accu-pressure Points

Splattering paint with a brush is an expression of playful naughtiness that can lead to laughter and silliness. This always feels good. Our amped-up SPA version applies paint by flicking with your fingers. Done correctly, prolonged flicking for 30 minutes to 1 hour will flush your body with endorphins. Caution : two hours may be too long. One paint-flicker enjoyed continuously flicking paint for nearly two hours. In the end, instead of feeling revitalized, he felt exhausted. He declared he was heading for bed. That’s a common reaction on many spa visits.

Totally Let Go

An overworked client — majorly stressed after 4 weeks crunching a deadline and looking physically “grey” —  had the most remarkable physiological transformation as a result of her BRAIN SPA treatment. She is repeat customer, someone who in many previous visits enjoyed letting go. Due to her excessive stress, it took some words of encouragement, “Who cares what you paint? Just start something.” We observed her physical transformation  – her shoulders relaxed, her voice went from dull to energized, and her face went from grey to rosy. What did she paint? In the ten minutes it took for her to de-stress completely, she painted half of her canvas red. Just let go.

Our team is here to help turn up the volume on any ART JAM ®. If you are looking to experience a big rush of “feel good” for your brain, talk to us and we’ll put you on the track to do using your creative mind put things in balance. ART JAM ® has been known to

  • clear a migraine headache
  • relieve dizziness
  • release work stress
  • alleviate depression
  • curb anxiety
  • calm hyperactive chikdren
  • build self-esteem/confidence
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Creativity is a Gift to Share with Someone You Love


Choose this roses design or other gift card designs that capture details of our favourite ART JAM ® paintings.

Now until 31 May 2014, when you check-in with your Foursquare phone app at artjamming™, redeem ONE free artjamming™ gift card with any ART JAM ® spending of $300 or more.

These gift cards are great if you’re giving your painting to someone special or if you are buying ART JAM ® gift vouchers.  Visit our Foursquare page.

Give a meaningful, heart-felt Gift of Creativity with ART JAM ®.

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ART JAM ® Mail – Our Monthly Newsletter Gets New Features

artJAMaLAMa kid

artJAMaLAMa kid

We’re loving our NEW LOOK newsletter. The new ART JAM® Mail newsletter will allow you to choose what news appeals to you.

Our dream is let your interests drive the features and content of each newsletter and also allow you decide exactly which ART JAM ® Mail issues will be sent to your inbox. And to top it off, we’re super excited about initiating “subscriber only” specials starting in June 2014, as a special thank you for your continued support.

Be an ART JAM ® Mail Subscriber or update your current subscription to receive updates on ART JAM ® Events, the latest promotions and freebies. Read more

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Be First to Explore the Art of Science on Sunday 18 May

What could be more fun than hanging out on a Sunday, learning about science while being really creatively adventurous. artjamming™ is pleased to be a part of this wonderful family experience sponsored by Hong Kong Science Park.


Our Great Wall of Art and Science will happen under the Golden Egg on 18 May 2014

On Sunday 18 May, join us under the Golden Egg and paint on our Great Wall of Art & Science , take home your own little ART JAM ® painting or create your own brainy T-shirt, plus more fun and entertainment for the young at heart.

Explore the Art of Science runs from 11am to 6pm on 7 consecutive Sundays until 29 June 2014. We’ll be there with lots of new ART JAM ® meets Science themes and freshly designed screens for your very smart T-shirts. Read more

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Guest Blog : Party to remember on the Great Wall of ART JAM ®

by Guest Blogger Catherine Cole; photography by Michael Shoaf

Party to Remember : The family who ART JAM ®  together

Party to Remember : The family who ART JAM ® together

Celebrating the 50th birthday milestone

There are few things more important than celebrating the 50th birthday milestone of one of your best friends.  This is just one of those life milestones that needs to be marked – and needs to be marked in a spectacular way!

My challenge in months ago was to find a truly memorable way to celebrate. I’ve been in Hong Kong 10 years and the birthday girl has been here almost 20. We’ve done tram parties, junk trips, black-tie events, private kitchens, spa parties with the girls, but we were looking for something really memorable. Read more

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New Extended Hours for artjamming ™

Extended opening hours for artjamming ™

Extended opening hours for artjamming ™

As part of the many new improvements we are planning for artjamming ™ in celebration of our 14th birthday, we are pleased to offer extended opening hours, with no session breaks. It is now possible to choose your own start times of your session. We are also very pleased to welcome artJAMaLAMa HOME to artjamming ™ for the first time after 6 years of pop-up shops throughout Hong Kong Island and Kowloon shopping malls. There are a few things to know about the new arrangements to help us manage the flow of artjammers continuously and smoothly. Read more

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Find artjamming ™ and artJAMaLAMa on Foursquare and other Social Media

Get the latest updates and promotions and offers when you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and more. Those little social icons floating at the top and left of this page will take you to our burgeoning pages. Many of our free marketing events, promotional giveaways and special offers are first announced on our social media pages. Read more

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Companies Get Creative

Transitions Team Building

Transitions Team Building

ART JAM ® is a positive, productive and creative experience that naturally encourages participants to be invested in the artjamming TM process and the artwork created. Whether you’re team building ( facilitated or soft), entertaining VIP clients, rewarding employees, or launching your product or service, ART JAM ® is a great way to get your message across. Read more

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