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ART JAM Testimonials on Social Media

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We’ve been hard at work since 2000 to build ART JAM® as an original brand of social painting experience that is a highly positive and memorable affair. Whether you are spending your ART JAM® on your own or with a few friends or with your company, our popularity is thanks to the many testimonials kindly shared by our customers. Here are the ways artjammers rave about us on social media.

Rave Testimonials on Social Media

Tripadvisor Praise is Growing

Travelers and locals are highly rating their ART JAM® experience on Tripadvisor. Recently several of our brand new customers have credited Tripadvisor for being the reason they decided to give ART JAM® a try. It’s full of personal highlights of their visit. These testimonials are reaching a huge audience.  Discover our “perfect” reviews on Tripadvisor

      I've been going to ArtJamming since the first location in Sheung Wan and have brought friends, family, visitors and colleagues here ever since. It's an amazing oasis of creativity and rejuvenation after a hectic day running around Hong Kong. Betty and her team have created...More

    thumb DMayL

      artjamming is an unique concept... you are given an easel, endless paint, endless brushes, music is turned on... and you just paint... whatever you want... however you want... i had a grt time there... took about 3 hrs and 4 revisions and paint-overs to do...More

    thumb anirbanb

      Go in for fun (I did)... come out with a serious art addiction! The methods and tools provided can turn anyone into an artist. After spending almost 3 years with Betty Cheung's coaching, and watching her coach literally hundreds of people of all ages, experience...More

    thumb Peg M

      We Art jammed last night and I couldn't believe how much fun the group had - it was organised by a friend and something that I wouldn't have planned myself! Betty was awesome with her instruction as to how to get the most out of...More

    thumb harrydore


Google is the Go-To

This is the first thing people see when Googling artjamming™. It is a popular search engine that happens to know a lot about us. So many high ratings and review over the years. So when you need to know more about us , don’t forget to Google “artjamming”.

    review rating 5  ArtJamming is the first, original and best. From paint and canvas design to space layout and the oasis for creativity that Betty and her team create - there's nothing like the best ArtJamming. Don't settle for imitations and wannabe's... get the real experience at ArtJamming.

    thumb Darlene Lee

    review rating 5  The staff at artjamming are just great. They are super friendly and will help you bring out your best work. I can’t say enough good things about the nurturing vibe here. You feel welcome and at ease. Keep it up!

    thumb Pok Fu

    review rating 5  Wonderful spot of ArtJamming with the family.. Not sure I've created a master piece yet, but these two have got it going on. I had a great time trying to be an abstract, no sketching first, artist and I'll def be back..

    thumb Syrita Nicholas

    review rating 5  Excellent service. Very friendly staff. Reasonable priced.

    thumb Marten Ruge


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Instagram is the top social media for sharing pics of artjamming. You’ll see customers experiences when you search # artjam or #artjamming or #artjamalama. It’s a favourite place for ART JAM®  fans to share their painting fun with their followers. Follow artjamming on Instagram


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On Facebook, artjamming has the most followers and the most testimonials of all our social media. Feel at ease to share your painting fun with friends and relatives. Follow artjamming on Facebook


Foursquare a guide to artjamming

Just a phone app full of short and helpful tips on how best to enjoy your ART JAM® experience. Customers check in and give their thumbs up or write a tip to help out other painters. Download the Foursquare City Guides at the App store or on Google Play.


Yelp! is just getting started

Our out-of-town friends are also using Yelp! to give their insights to ART JAM®. Yelp! is an awesome social media platform where we may create special offers. A nice little thank-you for  helping spread the word about ART JAM®. Find check-in offer on Yelp!

      ArtJamming - the first, the original and the best. Betty and her team have created an oasis of creativity near the heart of Hong Kong. Whether it's a party, unwinding at the end of a long day, meeting up with friends, bringing out of town visitors - this is the perfect activity.

    thumb d.m. l.
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Since 2000, ART JAM ® has been the world's pioneer in paintertainment. For us painting is not solitary, we are experts at bringing creativity and expression out of people with little to not art-confidence. We promote the positive, balance and inspirational benefits of ART JAM ® for kids and adults. FEEL THE FLOW

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