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On SALE NOW until 26 February 2018.

artjamming sale 2018

Take a leap with us, you too will feel it’s GREAT TO CREATE

A Big Year for Creativity

2018 is filled with positive vibes and creative energy. We at artjamming™ are excited to get our latest, biggest ideas off the drawing board and into our studio for everyone to see. We hope by taking a leap with us, you too will feel “it’s GREAT to CREATE”. It’s rare for us to have a sale, but your early support will deliver new products, equipment and services to artjamming™ in the first half of 2018.

Here is the Deal

Plan on being creative in 2018 & SAVE BIG on ART JAM®. You may buy at the artjamming™ studio OR at our online gift shop. If you buy online, you have 180 days to activate your purchase (refer to your electronic email) with just a phone call or email. Plus you’ll have until 30 December 2018 to redeem your ART JAM® deal. ONLINE BONUS GIFTS : selected sale items will receive gifts. This sale is really BIG to match our ideas, so we’ve split them into  3 categories to make it easier to find something suits you, your company, your family & your friends.

Great to Create

We hope by taking a leap with us, you too will feel “it’s GREAT to CREATE”.

Great to Create : Parties & ART JAM credit

We designed a couple incredible private parties that might be the answer for a special birthday or corporate event. You have the run of the place and we’ve included a lot of ART JAM® for the price. If you want to bring yourself or groups often, ART JAM ® prepaid credit for you or your friends and family to use anytime. This credit sale has been especially created for our best customers and biggest supporters.  Read more




You will soon reshape your art-titude.

Get into SHAPES : Workshops with a Twist

ART JAM® Creator, Betty Cheung has been conducting workshops on painting without sketching to individuals and groups with staggering results. Now you can discover how to really tap into skills you were born with. Become a natural painter or improve on your existing artistry with her uniquely intuitive and organic approach to painting. These workshop series are conducted on paper (acrylic pad), canvas, t-shirts and tote bags. Great for kids and eye-opening for adults. Read more



Gimme 10

Buy 10 and share with friends

Gimme 10 : ART JAM® Bundles

Sometimes you just want a great deal of fun for your kids. Or your looking for that special gift. Here is a wide range of our products. Buy them 10 at a time.  In addition to our most gift-able ART JAM®, discover the luxury of time with the newly launched  ART JAM® Day Pass, a prepaid ART JAM® that includes 4 X two hour flexible sessions (total 8 hours). Read more

Where to buy : artjamming™ or our online shop

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About artjamming

Since 2000, ART JAM ® has been the world's pioneer in paintertainment. For us painting is not solitary, we are experts at bringing creativity and expression out of people with little to not art-confidence. We promote the positive, balance and inspirational benefits of ART JAM ® for kids and adults. FEEL THE FLOW

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