Neighbours : Gelato is Cool for ART JAM ®

Strawberry sorbetto

Strawberry Sorbetto made by Gelateria Bibini in Sai Kung, the sister company of Pizzeria Jacomax. Pizza and gelato go great with ART JAM ®

If summer is getting too hot, chill out with an ART JAM ® party with friends and family and order some gelato from Gelateria Bibini in Sai Kung. Bibini has dozens of glowing reviews on Open Rice and is rated one of the best in Hong Kong. One reviewer writes:

This is seriously the best Gelato store in Town! Based on what reason? I am European and I have tried many gelato stores to know how proper gelato should taste like, in my 20 yrs residence. Geez the boss even sources his ingredients from all over the World. TRUE PASSION TO BRING EXCELLENCE AND GENUINE EUROPEAN taste to HK!!!


Mint Chocolate Chip gelato from Gelateria Bibini. Other great flavours include chocolate chip, mango sorbetto, coffee, vanilla. Premium flavours such as pistachio and hazelnut are also available

Freshly made from real fruit, imported chocolate and other ingredients to make  their gelato simply outstanding. Gelato is freshly made Italian ice-cream and is the ideal complement to Pizzeria Jacomax’s catering menus.

If you haven’t time to head to Sai Kung, order some for your party and some more to take home. Enjoy the deliciousness of a carefree summer.

For details on party catering for your ART JAM ®, contact us.



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