Foursquare HOT DEAL : $100 Baby ART JAM ® for Parents

Baby ART JAM ® for parents

Limited time offer : Foursquare check-in gets a $100 Baby ART JAM ® for parents.

Get in on the action when your kids get creative at artJAMaLAMa. This summer when you check-in with Foursquare, parents get a 25X25cm or 25X35cm baby canvas for $100, instead of $300.

Join in the fun, and sample just a little bit of what your kids are feeling.

Most parents choose to watch, but we believe parents should share in the experience and influence young kids by example. Our little warm up canvas is a lightweight introduction into the world of creativity and pure imagination. See you there.

4SQ_86The Foursquare app (or Swarm) is available at The App Store and GooglePlay.



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Since 2000, ART JAM ® has been the world's pioneer in paintertainment. For us painting is not solitary, we are experts at bringing creativity and expression out of people with little to not art-confidence. We promote the positive, balance and inspirational benefits of ART JAM ® for kids and adults. FEEL THE FLOW
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