Neighbours : Tasty Painting Parties with Authentic Italian Pizza by Pizzeria Jacomax

Huge thin-crust pizza from Pizzeria Jacomax

Huge thin-crust pizza from Pizzeria Jacomax

Craving more than just pizza? Jacomax has been catering ART JAM ® parties looking for simple, fresh fare. Jacomax menus include piping hot thin-crust pizzas, savoury antipasti, crispy salads, delectable grilled chicken wings and their famous Bibini Gelato.

If you holding a party at artjamming ™, talk to us about rounding our your painting party with catering menus. Standard and custom menus available.

Our picks

  • Crudo pizza — parma ham and rocket
  • Four cheese pizza — too rich and way too good
  • Grilled Chicken Wings — always the first to go
  • Homemade Bibini Gelato — from their Sai Kung shop

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