Foursquare Hot Deal : ART JAM ® is my BAG

ART JAM ® is my BAG your personalized summer tote

ART JAM ® is my BAG your personalized summer tote

Summer is here and it’s time to design your own fun-in-the-sun bag. Our own high quality natural canvas tote is a heavy-duty carry everything bag. Perfect for the beach or a mad day of shopping.

Each bag comes with two paintable canvas panels, that are painted and later applied to the bag. The bag is washable.

Painting Care : Wipe your paintings with a damp cloth. Do not wash or soak your paintings. Paintings should be removed before washing your bags.

  • Foursquare HOT DEAL — check in with your phone app and  get a BONUS of two more paintable panels. Double your summer looks for your bag fashion.
  • HSBC Platinum Credit Cards — see Special Deals 

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