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We are pleased to offer a variety of special offers through credit cards, phone apps, social media and other exciting channels. Please mention the promotional offer you are using when you make your reservation. Note:  All promotional offers may NOT be used in combination with the artjamming ™ carte blanche membership benefits or other promotional offers or discounts by artjamming TM, artJAMaLAMa or other merchants or partners. Occasionally, the offers change or sell out without prior notice.

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Year-Round Offer On ART JAM ® with HSBC Premier + Platinum Cards

For 2017, save 10% on any artJAMaLAMa Baby size ART JAM® 4 hour  painting session  at artjamming ™ in Central when you pay with your HSBC Platinum Visa or Premier MasterCard.



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Special Offers with each check-in with Foursquare

We love this slick and fast app. Use the foursquare smart phone app on each visit to earn points for free stuff, discounts  as well as leave tips for other customers at artjamming TM and  artJAMaLAMa.  

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