ART JAM ® pricelist

2016 ART JAM ® Price List

2016 ART JAM ® Price List

Our ART JAM ® pricelist features two types of ART JAM® — the artjamming™ ORIGINAL canvasses are our premium grade thick framed gallery style canvasses and the artJAMaLAMa Basic canvasses are economy grade thin framed canvasses. There are two session lengths to choose from and you pick your starting time. Choose from our wide range of ART JAM® canvas sizes, bags and t-shirts.


1. For ART JAM ® sessions ending after 6PM or on a public holiday, please note that a minimum spending of $400/person applies. This minimum does NOT apply to private parties.

2. For ART JAM® sessions starting after 8PM, pre-payment should be made at least two days in advance.

3. Sessions are subject to availability. We are frequently booked for private parties and special off-site events will close artjamming™ to the public. Advance reservations are highly recommended.


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