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It’s actually easy to create something that’s uniquely you — it’s as effortless as breathing. Genuine creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, standards and to make meaningful new ones. Basically, this is an opportunity to take some risks and be original. - Betty Cheung, ART JAM ® creator

ART JAM® makes creativity effortless

ART JAM ® makes creativity effortless

The world’s ORIGINAL social painting experience dubbed ART JAM ® first made an appearance on 4 March 2000 in Hong Kong. Since then artjamming TM, our Wellington Street main shop, has made the planet take notice. We lead the way in the “painting as entertainment” world — we call it paintertainment.

“The key to ART JAM ®’s success is that it’s FUN!” — SCMP

After more than thirteen years, ART JAM ® is known for memorable, personal and creative experiences to our local and international customers. People as diverse as you can imagine come to experience the original ART JAM ® painting session. Artjammers indulge in the perfect blend of expression, discovery, rejuvenation and total decompress while painting their own canvasses. It’s the most perfect blend of self-expression and social interaction.

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Most people are led to believe that art is a skill that must be learned and think that not having that knowledge makes the first time daunting. Here at artjamming TM and our spin-off shops, the seemingly impossible IS possible. We emphasize feeling, the pure, instinctual responses that comes from deep inside.

ART JAM ® helps you “feel the flow”. It’s the flow of creative inspiration, flow of energy, and flow of the safest, most vivid paint colours we could find.

We provide all the essentials you need, set the mood and play the music, while you bring a willingness to relax, be inspired or just be yourself. Then it’s time to enjoy a few hours of carefree creativity on your own or with friends and family. ART JAM ® includes your choice of first canvas or bag, free flow acrylic paints, use of an apron, the widest selection of painting tools plus our signature wet paint box to take your freshly painted creation away with you.

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